Gajananan (from US) Workshop 12 & 13/Oct

10/12(sat)13(sun) Gajananan Teacher Coming

Gajananan ji from Los Angels whose special asana classes were received very well last year, will be coming back to Tokryo centre again for a couple of special programmes.


Intermediate Asana Class 16:00-18:00

(Level: As a guide, being able to do headstand)

Doing postures correctly and learning to relax within them. It is a good preliminary?practice for meditation.

【Price】Member:JPY2,500 Non member:JPY3,000

Work Shop “From Form to Formless”

7:00 AM Register

      ?Part 1?
7:30 AM Satsang: Meditation, Mantra Chanting and Discourse “Form and Formlessness of the World”

【Price】Donation for Satsang, JPY1,000 for Work shop

      ?Part 2?
9:30 AM Asana Yoga and Pranayama Class

【Price】Membership:JPY2,500 Non membership:JPY3,000

11:30 AM Break time for Lunch

      ?Part 3?
12:30PM Discourse ? “From God with Form to God without Form”
1:30 PM Yoga Nidra ? Becoming Asleep to the Limited World and Awake to Unlimited Spirit

【Price】Member:JPY2,500 Non-member:JPY3,000

      ?Part 4?
2:30 PM Discourse ? 「Discovering that I am Formless」
3:30 PM Meditation ? 「Leading from Form to Formlessness」

【Price】Member:JPY2,500 Non-member:JPY3,000

4:00 PM Sharing and Comclusion

***Please note 13th/Oct、Usual Asana Open Class and Intermediate class are closed.

◇Fee:Please pay for each course

Full day attendance Fee:【Price】Member:JPY7,000  Non-Member:JPY9,000


He has been practicing yoga since his youth, and directly taught by Swami VishnuDevananda.?He has been teaching Yoga for over 20 years. Previously a?director of Sivananda Yoga New York Centre, he now has his own centre, VishnuDevananda Yoga Center in California. He has extensive knowledge of meditation, Sanskrit, Bhagavad Gita and other scriptures. He has toured in Japan for a few times, and has a reputation for his comprehensive teaching.?He is a Sivananda Yoga Senior Teacher, and?teaches on Advanced Teacher Training Course in the US.

Please apply online from Web reservation form (if you can read it!).

Also welcome to call or email (English speaking staff is available most of time!).