Up-coming Program infomation in English.

Yoga2 Course Start!

Yoga 2 is a 4 classes Course Mon/Thu 7pm-8:30pm Whole course 12000yen( 10000yen for members & TTC graduate)
19th September Monday start ? 19th Mon 22nd Thu, 26th Mon,30th Fri

Yoga 2 is based on Yoga 1 course. But any person can join. Yoga 1 based on explaining Sivananda Basic sequence, so that a person who finish Yoga 1 can feel easy to join normal Open Classes at Centre.

Yoga2 is focus to catch up Advance Open class level. So each 4 classes based on Sivananda basic sequence, but we explain and try many variations. At the end of Course we show scopion and head stand variations too.

We will plan 1 course of Yoga 2 from September. September is Monday/Thursday 7pm. If there are some requests for the dates, please feel free to acknowledge us, like this we can plan better!

Gopal is coming back to Japan!

Gopal has been practicing Yoga for more than 30 years, he knows Swami Vishunudavananda directly, as same as many other Yoga teachers. Gopal is also a specialist on Japanese Meridian and Siatsu massage. So during his stay in Japan from 10th Sep-4th Oct, also 22 oct-21 dec, we plan few Workshops on physical body work. See the details below! And Workshops are in English!

Acupuncture Points & Marma Points by GOPAL Workshop 21st Sep Wed 7pm-8:30pm 2500 yen

Find out & Feel your own pressure points Learn to give yourself a tune-up. The Class will also have 2 Breathing Exercises and a nice long relaxation

Swami Mahadevananda is coming to Japan!

He is such a busy swamiji, he travels around the world according to TTC schedules. But this time there is a TTC in Thailand, and he founds a time 5 days in japan!

So we organize some interesting Workshops and also Asana&Pranayama Class by Swamiji!!! Its really really rare that swamiji guide 120min Asana class! So don`t miss it! And get some nice Dynamic energy from swamiji`s experience!

Worshops are 22 & 23 October @ Tokyo Centre

22nd Oct Sat
1-3pm Talk on How to listen your intuition <2500 yen>
5pm- Satsang
7pm- Dinner (potluck party) with swami ji @Center

23rd Oct Sun
10am -12pm Asana&Pranayama class by Swamiji! <2500yen>
3-5 pm Talk on How to live Yogic life in normal Life <2500 yen>
5pm- Satsang

24th Oct Mon @Pranavam Yoga Studio in Fuji City, Shizuoka
7-9 pm Talk on How to live Yogic life in normal Life <2000 yen>

25th Oct Tue @Zentra Yoga Studio in Yaizu City, Shizuoka
7-9 pm Talk on How to listen your intuition <2000 yen>

26th Oct Wed @ Tokyo Center
7pm- Open Mike with Swamiji (Free Q6A session)

Workshops & Special Classes in October

1st Oct Sat 3-5 pm Teacher Skill up Class by Gopal <2500yen>
2nd Oct Sun 4-5 pm Chanting Class by Hiromi <500yen>
4th Oct Tue 7-8:30 pm Tennis Ball for Health Workshop by Gopal <2500yen>
9th Oct Sun 10-11:30am Kriya (Cleansing) Workshop by Mario&Noriko <2500 yen>
10th Oct Mon 1-2:30 pm Scorpion Workshop by Mario&Noriko <2500 yen>
11th Oct Tue 7-8:30 pm Mantra Meditation Class by Mario&Noriko <1500 yen>
13th Oct Thu 7-8:30 pm HIKARU`s Open Class <2000yen>
14th Oct Fri 7-8:30 pm Easy way to start Aryurveda WS by HIKARU <2500yen>
20th Oct Thu 7-8:30 pm Meditation Class by Noriko <1500 yen>
28th Oct Fri 7-8:30 pm Silent Yoga Class by Hiromi <2000yen>